The most beautiful creations Sims 3 + other wonders

Les plus belles créations des Sims 3 + d'autres merveilles
  • hellohow-low:

    Mermaid Dress 

    af/bottom/1 color channel

    original mesh is from shmoopiesims,turned this mesh into a real piece

    please forgive my awkward texture(́◉◞౪◟◉‵)

    hope you like it _(:3」∠)_

    get this→mediafire

    (via stsims)

  • Hello) Your sliders excellent ) Could you make a slider which makes thinner neck ? Or sliders for greater diversity of body. Just in Sims 3 is not enough different sliders body for women


    Neck Sliders

    Diversity of body?


    asymmetrical Sliders (uneven) by OneEuroMutt
  • murfeelee:


    Hey simmers :-) I just released this new content named the Viera Package, it contains:

    º Fran as a sim;

    º Fran´s outfit (fullbody and as an accessory);

    º Two poses 

    Please read the notes and policy right before the download link, they are very important! All of this and much more at SimMist 

    Have fun ;)

    Oh my freaking — YES YES YEEEESSSSSSSS!!! ^0^ I was DYING for someone to do Fran’s poses; thank youuuuu~! <3 You ROCK, Juba! <3

  • jinglestartk:

    Dear my friends,

    Thank you all for the sweet comments & messages, you guys are the best! 

    Although google said they will unblock my blog, but it’s still unchanging…already 5 days later, they still didn’t unblock my blog…

    so I create a new blog now! all the cc are still there, you can still download my cc now.

    The url is now change to

    if you don’t mind, please reblog this post let more people know that, I would be very grateful to you <3 Thank you!!

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  • TS2 to TS3 Sheep Conversion - REQUEST



    I was asked to convert Katvip’s sheep, so here ya go, so all your little Bo Peep sims can do whatever. :P Has several color variations. Found under Lawn Ornaments.

    Download (sims3pack and package)

    The little baby sheep are from Blacky’s Sims Zoo; they’re not included.

  • iek24:

    Farmstead Circle of life_by_ihelen

    No CC

    Lot 50*50

    Download: ihelensims site

    (via thesimgrove)

  • iek24:

    Cafe Jardin by ihelen

    Lot 20*20

    No CC

    Download: ihelensims site

    (via thesimgrove)

  • bodacsims:

    Tomas Flanagan

    I made this for awwnooboo, but she said I can share it with peoples. You are peoples. Go nuts. I don’t care what you do with him, use him as a base for all I care, just be real nice and don’t claim as your own or re-upload. That would be swell. Enjoy.

    Hair · Eyebrows · Facial Scars · Freckles One // Two · Nose Mask · Facial Hurr · Body Hurr · Tattoo


  • bodacsims:

    Marcus Turner

    HairSkinEyebrowsEyelashesBeard • Body Hair 1 · 2 · 3

    Don’t reupload and no adfly, srsly. Use him as a base, I don’t care.
    Credit would be nice, enjoy.


  • bodacsims:

    Zac Ryan

    HairSkinEyebrowsEyelashesFace MaskLipstick • Body Hair 1 · 2 · 3TopBottomsShoes

    Don’t reupload and no adfly, srsly. Use him as a base, I don’t care.
    Credit would be nice, enjoy.